Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trying again

A couple of months ago, I decided to give blogging another try, since I thought I'd figured out a way to make the photo posting process a little less time consuming. I was not happy with the results of blogging directly from my phone. During Blogger's size reduction process a lot of detail was lost.
For this attempt, I'm using my Macbook to upload photos from my Photostream to Flickr and posting the Flickr photos.
Let's see if that is more successful. If so, it will also allow me to blog from the couch. Score!
So here goes...

I don't think I've posted photos of the sailboat quilt on the blog before. I started this one back in April, I think, and am now trying to get it quilted.


A couple of detail shots.
The Sweet Sixteen and I are still getting to know each other.
I'm also using this quilt to practice my ruler skills, which is slowing down the process a lot!
OK, I'm now going to publish this post, then run down to my PC to see how it turned out.
Fingers crossed.


  1. I put my camera card right into my computer and get my pictures from that

  2. It looks good to me! I've never gone through all of those steps to post pictures. I just plug my phone or camera into my Mac and upload them from Photos.

  3. I understand completely. I am trying to learn how to do the photos for my blog from my iPad. I get it to work then 10 minutes later I forget how I did it. It would be so much easier to keep up with blogging if I can do it when I sit down for the evening. Hope you keep at it. I always enjoy reading your blog!