Monday, March 28, 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog...

I've been neglecting this blog A LOT and I miss the blogging community. I'm not even sure if blogging is still "a thing".

After some thought I've come to the conclusion that there is one big reason for my lack of blogging: photography. It takes a lot of time to set up a subject, take photos with a good camera, and edit them to be just the way I want them before creating a post.

So...I'm thinking that, with the advances in cell phone camera technology, phone pics may just be good enough, so here goes...

I finally completed my grandmother's flower garden quilt top started circa 2007! It's basted and ready to go.
I tried quilting it using thread I already have but I don't think the Sweet Sixteen is a fan.
I'm ordering proper thread and will try again when it arrives.

Now to see if I can follow other bloggers using my phone. Any advice and thoughts are appreciated.


  1. Definitely use the phone's camera! :). I use Feedly to keep up with blogs I like. Welcome back to blogging!

  2. I love reading blogs so I do hope you continue. My daughter takes professional photos and says the new smart phone photos have wonderful quality. If this is an example, I agree. Love the grandmother's flower garden quilt; congrats!

  3. Yes, blogging is still a "thing". There are still thousands of us blogging and many use phone pictures.

  4. I read the news yesterday that instagram (owned by facebook) will be changing to algorithm format. Something tells me many more will return to blogging due to this fact... I really never jumped on board of the instagram train. I prefer to blog and follow many other blogs including yours.

  5. Yay, I loved seeing you've posted :) Feedly for your phone is the way to go if you want to follow blogs, IMHO. Your phone camera pics are good...way better than mine ever are ;-)

  6. Your pictures look great! Keep going.