Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Project!

I feel (once again) that maybe I have things kind of under control around here. Just not enough hours in a day...
Inspired by all the new 30's Reproductions in the store, I decided to make a little 30's quilt - actually just a wallhanging.

Oopsie Daisy

I'm using the "Oopsie Daisy" pattern by Darlene Zimmerman. It has size options for a wall hanging, twin, or queen size quilt.
It will be my first new project in a while, so I'm kind of excited to get started. Got to get the dog to the vet for her checkup first though. Why does life always interfere with fun?


  1. Darling pattern and not at all surprised to see it is a Darlene Zimmerman design. I love her stuff. And I love those fabrics you chose. I am also working on some 1930s fabrics - and also don't have enough hours in the day. My job gets in the way of my fun.

  2. Lovely fabrics! Such pretty colours - can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. The dog .... its your little girl - lol!!
    Looking forward to the completed product. My quilt is still not done yet! Life does interfere with fun !