Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Crazy Couple of Months

I don't even know where to start.

In February, after a couple of months on pins and needless, we made the decision to move from Washington State to Iowa. Reasons were purely financial and I was a little apprehensive.
In March we spent 3 days frantically house hunting in the Des Moines area. I discovered that it's really SO much prettier here than most people probably think.

On April 9th, we closed on our new house in the woods.
I love it here although I haven't had time to explore and/or meet any local quilters. We've been busy painting, gardening and organizing our beautiful new home, which was vacant for 9 months. (You can see a little bit of it on my other very neglected blog.)

My mom was here for a month-long visit and, needless to say, not much sewing happened while she was here either.
I have one more visitor until the 23rd, after which I will seriously jump back in!
I still have a messy new sewing studio but it's huge, so I'm REALLY excited about getting it in shape.

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I managed to make a couple of pillow covers (with zippers!) for the guest bedroom.
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And a pincushion. Who remembers "Park Slope" by Erin McMorris?
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That's about it though. I've managed to post a couple of photos on Instagram so, if you want to stay slightly up to date, be sure to follow me over there.

I hope to be back here on a fairly regular basis starting today. For real.


  1. Looks like you have a beautiful new home and I love the decal above the door in your kitchen. I have used a similar one in my house too. I'm sure once the nesting slows down you'll find a wonderful group of quilting friends in your new location. Welcome to the midwest (from South Dakota).

  2. That's definitely chaotic! Major life changes always take a while to sort out... Best of luck and happiness with the transition and your new home!

  3. Congrats on moving to Iowa. You will love the state and all the kind, friendly people who live in Iowa. (Can you tell I am an Iowan born and raised here!!)

  4. So nice to see your update. I'll check you out on Instagram, and congrats on a successful move.

  5. Welcome to Iowa! You will love it here. I've lived here for 21 years. The people are the best!

  6. I grew up in IA and miss it so much! I've begged my husband to go back but no luck wishes!