Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Who Wants to Join Me in a Hex-Along?

No pun intended, although you will be doing a lot of "joining".

I've been making slow and steady progress on the hexie project.
It's a big project which may take a while in between all my other commitments (and unfinished projects). I always feel more inspired when I know that a few other people are working on the same thing, so I'm thinking about turning this one into a "hex-along". A mystery hex-along.

Every couple of weeks I will post a section of the quilt design over here, revealing the whole quilt in a couple of months.
I'll have signups so you can have a look at and be inspired by everyone else's projects.
And maybe a Flickr group.

Sound like a good idea?


  1. Sounds interesting! I recently got a 'bug' to make hexies...never made em' before in my life! I figured I needed something to put them in...so, I made a Sew Tog Bag! So I'm sort of ready...but don't know how many I can actually make!!! I surely will follow along though.

  2. I would love to join along with you in a hexalong! this will be a fun project...

  3. That would be loads of fun! I just discovered hexagon quilting and I'm loving it. Sign me up!

  4. I have an old hexi project on my UFO list I need to finish. Maybe your project will motivate me to pull it back out.

  5. Like Marjorie, I also have a hexie project on my UFO list... I could sure use some motivation! :)