Thursday, July 17, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I found a whole collection of vintage crochet patterns at a yard sale. I'm slowly listing them in my Etsy vintage store because there's no way I can keep them all, but they are SO inspiring!

Yesterday I hopped on over to Michael's and aquired a skein of really, really, thin crochet thread.  Actually, it is size 10, which is nowhere near the thinnest there is, but it's quite intimidating.
I also bought a set of 6 really skinny crochet hooks and, unbelievably, the correct size is not among them. I'm just going to have to wing it because there's no way I'm going back into town today.
DMC Baroque
The booklet it's sitting on is from 1913! Not sure I'll be able to follow the instructions but stay tuned.


  1. I love to crochet! I had a bunch of patterns from my MILs stash of all those doilies and table laces. I can't do it now with my lazy eye, it won't focus so close anymore.

  2. the hook size might not matter. I sometimes use one size up or one size down from what is recommended as it also has to do with individual's tension. Make sure you figure out if it's UK or US crochet terms before you begin!

  3. Baroque is one of my favorite threads. However, I haven't used it much since I started tatting. If you ever want to try finer threads, check out Handy Hands. They have beautiful colors in a variety of sizes.

  4. My grandmother was a master crocheter; it seemed she always had her crocket hook in her hand. I know she used a '0' - yes, zero hook and the balls (not on a skein) of thread I think were a 30 weight. She could not read a pattern so her sister would make the first one and then grandma would use that and be able to figure out the design!! She usually made 4 of for herself, one for her daughter, and another 2 for each of the daughters-in-law! She made lacey things like doilies, dresser scarves, potholders, designs and edgeings on pillowcases, luncheon clothes, etc. I don't believe she ever crocheted using yarn for something like for an afghan.