Thursday, September 20, 2012

Super Quick Flying Geese Tutorial

Sand & Surf is done.  I love it and I'll share tomorrow. And I'm working on a free pattern.

Since most zig zag quilts are made up of flying geese units, I thought I'd share the method I used.  There are tutorials for this all over blogland, but I figured one more couldn't hurt.

This makes 4 identical flying geese, without any fabric wasted.

First off, you need to determine what size you wish your flying geese to be.
Flying geese units are always twice as wide as they are tall.

For Sand & Surf, I made 4" x 8" (finished) units, but this formula works for any size.

Add ⅞" to the finished height. (4 ⅞") - A
Add 1 ¼" to the finished width. (9 ¼") - B

Out of the fabric you wish to use for the side triangles of your flying geese, cut 4 squares A x A.
Out of the fabric you wish to use for the center of your flying geese, cut 1 square B x B.
Draw a diagonal line corner to corner on the WRONG side of each of the smaller squares.
I like to use a pencil because it won't bleed when washed, but you can also use a disappearing or washable marker.

Lay two of the smaller squares on top of the larger square RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER as in the photo. Be sure the lines match up. Pin.
Stitch ¼" away from the drawn line on each side.
Cut along the drawn line.
Press the seam toward the smaller triangles. (Forgot to take a photo the first time around...)
Place the remaining smaller squares on top of the two units you just created, RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Pin, and sew ¼" away from the drawn lines on either side.
Cut along the drawn lines and press the seams toward the smaller triangles. Voila! Four identical flying geese!

(I have created a PDF version of this tutorial, which you can view here.)


  1. I've seen this done Anina, but thanks for putting it in a tutorial! Very efficient!

  2. I love this method, you can chunk out a ton of geese in no time. Thanks forvtyebpdf

  3. This is the ONLY way I make flying geese. Even if it makes more than I need. I just put the extras in a bucket.

  4. Thanks for the great tutorial. Am starting to cut my Christmas Swoon quilt this weekend and will use this method.

  5. Going to try this sometime. Thanks. Love the sand and surf, especially against that crisp white.

  6. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Oh this is awesome... thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Thank you for your tutorial. We used it for our bee blocks this month and I have to say it is now my favorite method for making flying geese!