Thursday, December 8, 2011

Focus, Focus, Focus

This seems to be my mantra lately.

Tax time is nearing, so during the day I'm doing this:

Tax Time!

At night I've returned to the hexie quilt. It really looks like I'm only picking her up about once a year.
A conservative calculation has determined that I need AT LEAST 16 more "flowers" just to get her semi-square.
Grandmother's Flower Garden


  1. Ugh. Taxes. Good for you for not waiting until the last minute! Thank goodness for hexie happiness at night. :)

  2. Your hexies are definitely happy. Ick, taxes.

  3. Beautiful Hexies .... they are just so so pretty!!!

  4. The hexie quilt looks so cheerful. I love it.

  5. It has grown into such a pretty thing! I know you, you'll get-er-dun and one day be posting a pic of this gorgeous quilt!

  6. I admire your hexagon flowers so much! I am working on one and someday hope to make it as far as your have. It's beautiful!!