Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ready for Spring

Spring still hasn't really sprung in Seattle but hope springs eternal. (Great pun, right?)

Doesn't this bring a little smile to your face?

It's called "Spring Street" and is from P&B Textiles.
(You can find it here, of course.)


  1. A big smile! Such a lovely fabrics!

    We have lovely warm weather for soem weeks now and even some forest fires caused by a very dry Spring season.

    We always need something to complaim about, don’t we?

  2. We are well into spring however we get the occasional cool front coming through. Like last night it was in the upper 50's. THis morning was glorious. But today will get to the upper 80's.

    Love the Spring Street, I might need a yard or so of it!

    glen in Louisiana

  3. you hit the nail on the head with the fabulous fabric.!! one of my favorites right now...

  4. That fabric really does bring a smile to my face. :)

  5. Its really cute. you could do much with that.

  6. This line is so cute and those raindrops have caught my eye.