Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy (but not really sewing)

I've been working long hours at my other job. Worked until 10:30pm last night and have to be back there by 8:30 this morning. I'm not complaining because I'm saving this money to open a "real" store somewhere down the line.

Anyhow, not much sewing has been happening.

I DID start another Dear Jane quilt. I'm a little nuts, I know.
Between the 30's Jane BOM (signups are still open) and all the 30's fabrics staring me in the face every day, I just couldn't help myself.
This time I'm keeping track of the number of pieces in the blocks as well as how long it takes me to make them.
So far: 95 pieces, 5.5 hours.
If you're interested in my progress on this one, you can add my other blog to your reader: http://thatquilt.blogspot.com/
On the twiddletails Facebook page, other than "store stuff", I also post regular updates on my quilting comings and goings. You can "like" it in the sidebar over here, if you'd "like".  Ha ha!


  1. sounds like you have been plenty busy - it is a wonder you are able to fit in as much sewing as you do.
    I kept track of time and pieces on both of my dear janes and found it very interesting that I made the second one in almost 90 hours less time than the first one. Practice I guess :)

  2. Opening a ‘real’ store... Anina that would be wonderful! I hope your dreams come true!

  3. Ooo... a real store? How cool!!! And I love your beautiful '30s blocks. They are fabulous!

  4. I love the Dear Jane quilts...but I'm sure I don't want to start one. I'll just enjoy those made by you nutty people.