Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One out of two ain't bad

There were supposed to be two of these, but I'm all out of time.

Look, mitered borders! (I know the stripes don't line up - maybe next time...)

My mother is flying in today for a l-o-o-o-n-g visit. A little background: We don't have a guest room. We used to have a guest room, but since we don't have a bonus room and the guest room was sitting there just looking pretty 11 months of the year, we decided to let Josh have it as a "play room". The deal was that, when we get visitors, he will sleep in the play room and I will give his bedroom to the guests.

As you can imagine, this room is a teenager's bedroom. Posters on the wall, junk spread everywhere, etc...

The last couple of days I've been franticly trying to transform it into a guest room without breaking the bank or repainting the black and white walls. The pillow(s) are for the bed. The center fabric is what I cut off when I shortened the Ikea curtains.

As soon as the light is better I will try to take before and after shots of the room.

I may be a little scarce the next couple of weeks. If you don't hear from me, I'm probably banging my head against the wall spending quality time with my mother.


  1. You got me laughing at that last line. I like the pillow. Hope you have some good quality time.

  2. Thanks for the laugh... I will also be (banging my head) I mean spending time with my IN-LAWS

  3. You really made me laugh... does your mother read your blogs?? I think you deserve a trophy for the time and energy you're putting into the room for her. But,I would do the same. We have a guest room but rarely a guest... they're all allergic to our cat... hee, hee.

  4. I am impressed with your mitered borders. I wouldn't dare...
    Nice use of the leftover IKEA curtain fabric! the pillows look lovely.

    hope you enjoy your time with your mother. :)

  5. I wondered too if your mother reads your blog! Probably not or you have inherited her great sense of humour!
    Have fun spending time with her and I love the pillow!!

  6. love your cushion - too groovy for words. don't worry about the stripes not matching up - people need to know it was home made.
    Goodluck with your mum's visit. I love my mum dearly but I think having her to stay for a loooooong time would be difficult - for both of us.
    when it all gets on top of you, remember to B R E A T H - works a treat!

  7. I hope the room is de-teenanger-ified for your mom. Have a great visit!

  8. I feel your pain...fortunately for us my mom is now only 2-1/2 hours away and my mother-in-law only 45 minutes away, but when we lived in TX, they were 16 and 19 hours away, which meant extended stays. I spent many nights/days beforehand banging my head against the wall. Good luck and have a great visit!!!

  9. The pillow looks great Anina! Don't worry about the stripes not matching up. I read this quote somewhere: "The charm of something handmade in it's imperfections".

    Good luck and enjoy your mom's visit.

  10. Your pillow looks great and I like your "guest" room modification ideas. Have a great time with your mother (but I did laugh over your lined-out comment).

  11. Lovely cushion and how clever to use the curtain leftovers to tie it all in

  12. That print in the center caught my eye immediately. Fabulous design. Love the edging you used and your corners look great!

  13. I am laughing about that last line:) Hope you have a good visit!