Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Stash

Well, not exactly a stash. More like a stack.
Sunday Stash
And these are just the ones I haven't had time to put into my scrap totes, which contain neatly cut strips of different widths according to Bonnie's Scrap User's System.
I'm going to have to come up with a (couple of) scrap quilt ideas for these.
This one Jacquie made is lovely.
I've been searching for inspiration all over Flickr too. I really want to only use my scraps and not add any white (since I have MORE than enough scraps to complete a quilt top).
I'm CRAZY about this one...

...and this one...

I've seen this book being used and put it on hold at the library.
(I'm thinking of starting a challenge, so stay tuned for details.)

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Bunny said...

I love scrappy quilts. I love the first quilt too.

metrosupialdesigns said...

Those are all pretty amazing. I was just doing holds for the library, but Seattle doesn't have it.

Chara and I are getting together on should come if you can. We're doing a little exchange too.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Love your pile! so colorful - I love scrap quilts without white - your eye gets lost trying to take in all the pattern! fun fun :)

Sarah said...

Ooooh! pretty stash!

Terriaw said...

That book would be fun for a scrap challenge. Great scrap quilt examples to admire, especially that first one. I love your stack of scraps! Mine is not that neatly cut (or that big - hehehe).

Jackie said...

That pile of scraps is really beautiful! The bright colors are right up my alley. I love the two scrap quilts you are showing. Did I see right? A challenge, hmmmm.... intriquing!

Katherine said...

Beautiful. I adore scrap quilts the most, so I'm staying tuned to your talk of a challenge.

JVC_Scout_Mom said...

The quilt that you used from my flickr account was easy to make.

The pattern is simple, and easy.

It's basically a 'signature' block. Each little square (6 1/2 inches, 6-inches finished) is two half-square triangles with the 1 3/4 inch (1 1/4 inch finished) wide diagonal slash.

Several in my guild made these with 5-inch charm packs cut in half (think Moda "turnovers") and made the diagonal sashing only 1 1/2 inches wide (finished to 1 inch).

It's on my 'to do' list.

amandajean said...

intriguing...making scrap quilts WITHOUT white. (what a novel idea!!!) that would be a huge challenge for me. maybe one that i should (force myself to) get on board with.

maggie fellow said...

I recently purchased Bonnie Hunter's Scraps and Shirtails book and I want to make all the quilts in there. I am using scraps on my Geese in the forest quilt. Good Luck and thanks for all you are doing!