Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Six Non-Scrappy Goose Bumps

Since I have to make the second block available on Monday, I figured I should probably finish these.
Goose Bumps
If you look closely you'll notice that I only used two colors per block.
Goose BumpsGoose Bumps
Goose BumpsGoose Bumps
Goose BumpsGoose Bumps
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rachel griffith said...

they look really good.

i like the one lonley red one.

Sherry said...

I love flying geese! These look great.

On a different note, I see your "scrap loss chart" on the side bar but I couldn't find an entry explaining how you are using it. . . I was curious.

In peace & pieces,


Mimi said...

I can't wait for the new block! I am doing mine from my scraps, but I love the blocks like the original picture you posted.

Oh, well, if I want to do another, I'll do it again as I really like this paper piecing jazz!!

Have a great day. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hugs, Mimi

Shari said...

I love green and white as a combination, but I think I prefer your scrappy geese better. Scrappy works well with my stash, although I could probably do scrappy blue and white... (without having to buy fabric)

Thank you so much for this BOM. I love flying geese.


Judy said...

I finally got my blocks done today and I'm so happy with the Moda Bella solids I got from you. Very nice fabric! Can't wait to see which block comes up next!

MichelleB said...

They look great! I really wanted to be started on this one by now. But, alas, I'm not. I look forward to the next block.

Jackie said...

I love them! I am looking forward to starting mine. I just got back from vacation and have to get back into the groove.

Natasha said...

Oh goodness me - Monday for the next block! I've only just finished the first 6!

Actually I can't wait. I had forgotten how much I liked paper piecing.

amandajean said...

i still can't believe that you are making 2 quilts using this pattern!!! :)

cathleen said...

You have to be the all-time most brilliant triangle quilter I have ever seen. They're perfectly lined up and so neat-looking. Beautiful job.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the flying geese block . You have made it Wonderful! I like the idea of turning them into trees. SO beautiful!!! Roseanna Oliver

Sydney Plumber said...

Nice post.....I love green

jacquie said...

i finally figured out you are doing TWO of these. i thought you'd changed your mind from the solids. i'm having trouble deciding on my fabrics...arrrg! i did some in solids and didn't like my choices. i think i'm starting over. just like me to be behind!