Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And what is this?... ask. Do you ever feel like all you do is laundry? I was wondering how many loads I do per week, so I strung my little row counter up in the laundry room. The count is not as high as I expected, but the week is young...

On a different note, the block for week 5 of the quilt-a-long.

I really like this one.

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Chara Michele said...

Your laundry counter is making me smile:) I really like that quilt block too!

amandajean said...

love the laundry counter! that is a genius idea. mine would be higher than than...just in the past 2 days. :)

now, how on earth did you get your block to lay so flat? mine is all bumpy and I tried to press the heck out of it and it still didn't help. (maybe I shouldn't be admitting this, being the "teacher" and all....) did you iron your triangle seams open?

Katie Jean said...

I don't even know how much laundry I do. I ususally do it all in one day because I'm so lazy during the week!

I love the block too. I have only made one block for the quilt along. just sad.

Brenis said...

ugh yes yes yes on the laundry!
With 4 kids and the two of us, we have about 15 loads a week, and you never seem to get caught up! WHY is that??!!!

LOL love that little counter!
Maybe i will send the laundry fairy your way for Christmas! :D

Katherine said...

Heehee... love the laundry counter. I must try this as sometimes I think I divide my time between laundry, cooking and dishes. Be interesting to know how many loads I actually do.

Wow! Love the fabrics you chose for Block 5. Yours looks great!