Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hummus- I'll eat it with anything

Home - really is where the heart is

Hot chocolate - nothing warms the tummy better on a cold winter evening

Hair - I hate mine right now, but I'm grateful that it is thick and plentiful.

Handmade - anything is so much more special if you know someone put their love and energy into creating it, and the same goes for


Happiness - a wonderful feeling

Hexagons - in the form of the granny's flower garden quilt

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Hurrayic said...

Your 'H' words are great. We love hummus too but baba ghanouj is probably something we love more. Not the grocery-store kind but the authentic stuff. Now I'm hungry!

Magenta said...
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Magenta said...

Sorry about that...accidentally clicked the wrong thing.
I couldn't agree more! Hexagons are fun...I love the quilt!

autum said...

I've never had hummus, but those shrimp look good.

norththreads said...

Me too! Im really enjoying your blog BTW!

Yummers! said...

I look forward to your blog each day. You're so creative with your letters. Right now my 'h' word is 'home'. We were away for the weekend and I am so glad to be HOME! I got up extra early so I could 'hug' (a good 'h' word) my house a bit longer today.

Natasha said...

Yup those are all great H's,
Homemade hummus, handmaking, hexagons=Happiness!!

Chara Michele said...

I love the words you came up with for h!

Hummus is delicious! And who could live without hot chocolate in the middle of winter! (Although I can live without it right now!)

beki said...

love that hexagon!

Marisa said...

Very pretty block. I love hexagons.